After almost 30 years of extreme sports experience in surfing, skateboaring and snowboarding, the latest and the best version of our Surf Bowl was born.

It was designed and built back in 2017 together with Mind Work Ramps lead designer and passionate surfer Martins Sleja. He is also the designer of many of the best skateparks in Europe and Asia.

Over the years we have re-designed the shape of Surf Bowl for the best possible flow and speed, making it exciting to ride for anyone ranging from newcomers stepping on a surfskate for the first time, to pros - that have been surfing all their life.
We have also improved the safety features making it great for kids activities and suitable for setting it up in public places.

In 2020 the production processes of the Surf Bowl were developed by Leg&Go in cooperation with advanced composite builder for worldwide aeronautic company Aerodium.